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Man Wearing Mask in Workplace
Man Wearing Mask in Workplace

Delivering the Right Service at the Right Moment

A Systematic Approach to Embracing A Positive New World

Companies will be successful in the future if they create physically and virtually connected experiences that enable employees to thrive in a hybrid work environment. The workplace now exists inside and outside the four traditional walls of the office environment and needs to be more flexible, dynamic and scalable. As a result, the spaces in which we work have never been more important.

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Our approach to sustainable and results-driven partnership

Connected, smart and value-based

We offer a holistic solution approach encompassing people, well being, environment & surroundings, and space & infrastructure.


Our 360° approach to workspace transformation encompasses the full range of our expertise in workplace and work-life services. The changes brought about by Vital Spaces put people at the centre of the new working worlds and we accompany you on your individual journey.


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People & Wellbeing

At Sodexo Switzerland, people are at the heart of everything we do. This people-centred approach is woven into our Vital Spaces solutions - from workplace design to work-life services and everything that goes with them. The goal is to allow you to support the work-life balance of your employees.

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Space & Infrastructure

We help optimise workspaces and promote all forms of work to increase efficiency and reduce real-estate, maintenance and other administrative costs. Using technology, we collect data that provides actionable insights to optimise total operating costs while creating an inspiring and productive work environment.

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Surroundings & Environment

Vital Spaces creates spaces that go beyond just four walls. This includes simplified, integrated and scalable services in a single ecosystem. Sustainable practices are also part of Sodexo’s DNA - corporate social responsibility is embedded in everything we do.

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Your needs - Our expertise

I help you identify your needs and propose solutions so that you can focus on your core business.


Nadia Levin Fournier, Head of Solution Design & Workplace Services

E-Mail: nadia.levin@sodexo.com

Phone: +41 79 176 32 08