Offering Local Startups Global Opportunities

Sodexo works with a large network of startups from around the world to pilot the latest solutions at our sites. By piloting emerging technologies, we get to test their potential impact of new solutions on the client and consumer experience. This way, we’re able to make informed investment and deployment decisions and bring the best possible products and services to market. 

How do we select emerging technologies for pilots? The Sodexo Accelerator is one powerful way we identify the emerging technologies and business models that will help shape our business in the future. 

Investing in partnerships

Sodexo Ventures also allows us to closely monitor, anticipate and respond to evolutions in rapidly moving sectors and markets. It then allows us to invest in the startups that will enhance Sodexo’s services. Sodexo Ventures investments include:​





Boosting our intrapreneurial spirit

Our Corp-Up Program gives the best intrapreneurial ideas the freedom and resources to grow within the organization and drive more value for clients: ​




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