Providing you with breakthrough solutions starts with building a culture of innovation. Why is a Culture of Innovation Important? Because we believe that innovation depends on our ability to listen to your needs and to market trends. We leverage our culture of innovation to co-create value with our clients and suppliers, building human-centered solutions that fit real business needs and improve the wellbeing of consumers.

Cultivating a culture of innovation

Innovation starts with our employees: through training to develop the skills needed in the workplace of the future, and through building the connections to scale-up local innovations globally to continue to optimize our services, improve the experience of the consumer and reduce our impact on the environment

Demystifying digitalization

Change can be challenging. That’s why we’ve developed training programs like The Digital Passport to familiarize teams with disruptive technologies, and instill an innovative and agile corporate culture across the organization. 

Embracing Experimentation

We’re dedicated to catalyzing bottom-up innovation from our teams around the globe, and to giving our employees the tools to think outside the box. Our Innovation Challenges, for example,  invite employees from across the organization to share their innovative ideas, and we help develop and deploy the most promising. Docteur House, a past Innovation Challenge winner, is a prime example our how Sodexo supports intrapreneurs as they realize their potential and drive meaningful change.

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