Transforming Workplaces with Vital Spaces

The way people work — and how they experience work — is changing rapidly. The spaces where they work ar in need of transformation as well.

Workplace demands have evolved. Your employees expect flexible, motivating and inspiring workplaces and experiences that enhance their productivity and wellbeing. Vital Spaces can help you to transform your working environment by putting people at the heart of what you do and making the most out of your spaces.

Workplace Transformation That Empowers Your People

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What is Vital Spaces?

Vital Spaces support you in transforming your working environment in a connected, flexible and needs-driven manner, so that your business is prepared for a changing future. Vital Spaces responds to the challenges posed by new hybrid working models for employees while addressing corporate hospitality and facilities management solutions.

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Connected, smart and value-based

We offer a holistic solution approach encompassing people, well being, environment & surroundings, and space & infrastructure.


Our 360° approach to workspace transformation encompasses the full range of our expertise in workplace and work-life services. The changes brought about by Vital Spaces put people at the centre of the new working worlds and we accompany you on your individual journey.


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Community, sustainability and futurism in one office — a new experience for our employers

The new office of Sodexo Switzerland has been designed according to our Vital Spaces approach and, most importantly, the needs of our employees while optimising efficiency and reducing costs.

Community, sustainability and futurism in one office. Plants that provide a good indoor climate, height-adjustable desks and an inviting tavolata with high-quality coffee ensure that our employees enjoy coming to the office often.

Find out for yourself in the white paper how we got from the needs to the final result.

Showcase of the Headquarter of Sodexo Switzerland built with our Vital Spaces Services

White Paper Headquarter Sodexo@Airportal

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Impressions of the Sodexo Switzerland Headquarter



Impacts of an agile workingplace

  • Optimized Space Icon

    Optimized Space

    reclaim, reduce or repurpose

  • Reduced Cost Icon

    Reduced Cost

    Reduced costs for total food, dining, beverage and labor

  • Sustainability Icon

    Sustainable Practices

    Sustainable, social practices

  • Talent SuperHero Icon


    Improved efficiency, productivity

  • Talent attraction icon

    Attracted Talents

    Retain talent and attract new talent

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