The world of work has changed irrevocably, and entrepreneurs know they have to keep up. High on the agenda is developing skills for managing the hybrid teams, attracting, and retaining top talent and making informed decisions with regard to the future workplace.

"We are moving from a very static management of the workplace to a very dynamic one," says Yannick Villar, CEO and Co-founder of Wx, a hybrid Sodexo corp-up. "Historical data is much less relevant to predict the future, which was the case before."

Data-based decisions enable leaders to:

Optimize workplaces for the new world of work 
Data will inform successful leaders on the best ways to use space and facilities, and to cater to theneeds of employees as they evolve.

Improve DEI outcomes for all 
As leaders set their sights on building back effectively, data will be critical to ensure all people are heard and included – and that any progress that has been gained is not lost as a safe return to the workplace is made possible.

Create personalized employee experiences
A state-of-the-art workplace is no good if people can’t use it effectively. Responsive leaders will use data to ensure that employee experience is tailored, personalized, and engaged.

So, what data should today's leaders be paying attention to? And how can they use it to meet the needs of their employees and make informed decisions that will lead their companies into a new era of work?

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