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My Circles platform


My Circles platform

Welcome to your simplified Life. Our brand new platform to support working from home.

Workplace: Home

Everybody has encountered “Work of home” in the last couple of months. We are here to support employees to work productively from home or wherever you are.

My Circles platform from Sodexo helps make everyday life easier for your employees; that productivity benefits the employee’s mental well-being as well as optimize your real estate and workplace spending. We are ready to provide customized solutions for every need, from setting up a modern and functional workplace@home, to ordering delicious meals from our partners, to having your house cleaned and your laundry made and much more to come. Your personal assistant is here to deliver personalized services, offering assistance for your at work and at home needs. Together, we create home office environments that help your employees focus better and reach higher. Be bold and bullet prove your organization for the future talents with our innovative and easy to use My Circles platform.

Have a glimpse of how modern work@home looks like. 



With My Circles platform we offer an end-2-end solution that brings an enormous value for companies and their employees.  

  • One strategy could be to reduce your office space and reinvest in your most important asset – your employees. With the My Circles platform your employees can order services delivered by Sodexo and our professional partners while working at home or wherever they are.

  • My Circles platform allows your employees to order various services provided by Sodexo and our partners at reduced and subsidized prices to attract and retain top talent wherever they are located.

Excerpt from the services of My Circles

Food & Beverage delivery – Exceptional Service, Customized for You

My Circles platform offers food services that help your remote employees keep healthy habits while working at home. We support them with high-quality food and beverage options that are delicious, fresh and convenient.

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Exceptional Service, Customized for You

Work solutions: Building Better Home Offices for your Employees

For team members to work successfully from home, it’s important to help them create an environment that supports their everyday needs, much like a traditional office would. My Circles platform specializes in personalized remote work solutions that make the workday more comfortable for your employees. By setting up a modern and functional workplace@home with ergonomic workstations that promote a safe culture and enhance work quality. To improve day-to-day work experiences and create a more useful workspace at home for your employees.

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Work from home

Your daily home tasks: Just What People Need

Beyond streamlining organizational efficiencies, My Circles platform empower your employees by lowering their stress and giving them precious time to invest into activities they really enjoy – by having their place cleaned and the laundry made.

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Your personal assistant: Leave It To Us. All Of It.

Leveraging our highly trained professional personal assistant team, we offer services and resources that support employees in every facet of the work@home experience. From daily errands to complex requests, we improve the workday by removing tasks from your employees’ to-do lists to give them back valuable time, lower stress and help you elevate employee satisfaction. Our range of services are customizable to the needs of your business and your employees, focused on the tasks and support your employees care about most when working from home and wherever they are.

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Your personal assistant

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My Circles platform is dedicated to boosting employees’ satisfaction and success at their home office. We do this by offering beneficial, continuous support that help your employees accomplish more, at work and in life.

Are you ready to discover new possibilities? Be bold - and contact us to bullet prove your organisation for the future.



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