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Facilities Management

Integrated facilities management: improving quality of life, from offices to production plants

Integrated facilities management, taking care of your end-to-end facilities needs, is definitely good for business. It helps you create consistent service levels. Proactively respond to potential disruptions. Create global best practice at competitive prices. And Sodexo also gives you an unique combination of global expertise and local knowledge.

Our Services...

Cleaning personnel clean the floor with a device

Cleaning: A clean record

Whether you’re in an office or at a production site, you have the right to work in a clean, safe environment. From housekeeping and janitorial services to laboratory cleaning and instrument sterilization, Sodexo delivers the highest standards of hygiene.

Sodexo receptionist employee talks to customer at the reception desk

Specialised hygiene services: more than clean

In clean rooms, clinics or laboratories, special requirements apply to hygiene and sterility. Here, the highest standards ensure the preservation of health and life. We support you in such sensitive areas with our specially trained personnel to ensure reliable compliance with strict regulations and international hygiene standards.

Sodexo receptionist employee talks to customer at the reception desk

Front of house: Representing you, representing your brand

Your reception should be a thriving hub. A one-stop location offering information, support and customer service. Our front of house services include call centers, visitor and car park management, meeting room management and helpdesks.

Sodexo security employee stands with radio in a room

Security: Secure, at any level

There are no standard concepts for security. That's why we develop our solutions according to your individual needs and challenges. We rely on state-of-the-art technology and personal proximity.

Sodexo employee mows the lawn

Grounds Maintenance: Landscaped to perfection

First impressions count. Well-maintained grounds and landscapes show off your organization in its best light. Some of Sodexo’s areas of expertise are exterior and interior landscaping, sports field maintenance, water features and arboriculture.

Sodexo staff sorts the mail

Mailroom: You’ve got mail

Want to make your mailroom more efficient? Streamline it. Have your external mail run with the same efficiency as your internal mail. Get your goods in distribution working hand in hand with your goods out. In other words, let Sodexo handle it.

Sodexo employees take care of document management

Document Management: Prioritizing confidentiality

Preparing for a successful event takes a lot of planning on your part, our reprographics services will transpose your vision into professional outputs and collateral. If you find yourself dealing with highly sensitive and highly confidential content Sodexo can manage the entire process securely. Creating a smooth workflow, ensuring efficiency and maintaining quality standards.

Sodexo employee drives car to dispose of garbage

Waste Management: Valuing your waste

Organizations are no longer just judged by what they produce. They’re also judged by what they waste. Are you managing your waste in an environmentally and socially responsible way? Do your waste management plans meet your targets? Time to talk to Sodexo.

...from offices to production plants

Sodexo employee holding a tablet in her hand with a bus in the background

Transportation: Getting you from A to B

Getting people from A to B is a huge responsibility. You don’t want to delegate the task to just anyone. Sodexo’s transportation expertise is varied, from providing fleet management and executive chauffeur services to transporting patients.

Sodexo employees train fitness with customers

Health & Fitness: Welcome to wellness

Employee health and fitness isn’t just ‘a nice extra’. It’s the key to a productive, motivated workforce. Help people make healthy lifestyle choices. Provide them with fitness facilities. That’s how Sodexo improves health and wellness worldwide.

A man holds a lecture and listeners raise their hands to ask questions.

Conference Center Management: Memorable conferences

Meetings, conferences, team-building days – they’re all important events on your calendar. Finding the right support team can make all the difference. A team who can help you find the perfect space and co-ordinate every detail. A team like Sodexo.

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